Chalkboards and Frames for Organisation


Our charming chalkboards are perfect for:

  • Writing inspirational quotes or daily affirmations.
  • Keeping track of grocery lists or to-do’s.
  • Leaving playful messages for your loved ones.

We have hand painted backing boards with chalkboard paint to create a lovely smooth writing surface, and hand finished each one with vinyl lettering in a variety of quotes, including:

  • Today list (our take on a traditional to do list)
  • Messages
  • Dinner menu
  • Shopping list
  • Garden list
  • Adulting list

Our chalkboards are available in our local stockists and in our online shop.  It may be possible to order a custom chalkboard.  Please contact us with any enquiries.


We are currently working on a range of cork/pin boards to add to our frame collection.  Pin boards can organise and creatively display photos, artwork, reminders, keepsakes, reminders, notes, inspiration…. the possibilities are endless. 

Creative uses for pinboards:

  • Mood boards
  • Travel Inspiration
  • Celebrations
  • Displaying Collections
  • Organising Photos and Memories

Our example shows our hessian corkboard used to organise our garden seeds and gift vouchers.